About Us

Client Partners

YouDecide products and services are available primarily via corporate channels. Proudly, these channels encompass many business icons and a strong presence of smaller, emerging companies.

Every YouDecide client company receives a website that is customized to fit their unique needs and specifications, including company logo and branding, optional company-specific fonts and colors, and custom voluntary benefit and discount offerings based on relevant groups (e.g., FTE, part-time, retirees, geographic location). In addition, we have the ability to transition existing benefits and discount vendors to YouDecide site and support linking to existing Intranet/Extranet sites, including Single Sign-On.

YouDecide's primary focus is providing voluntary benefits solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. As YouDecide has been in the voluntary benefits business for over 10 years, our extensive client base includes over 150 active client companies ranging from retailers and manufacturers to hospitals and professional organizations. As we are as proud of our relationships as our clients, references are available upon request.