It’s a given: The more goodwill a company builds among its employees, the more stability and success they will realize. There is no debating the fact happy people make healthy organizations.

Providing easy access to a comprehensive package of voluntary benefit and discount programs is one sure way to create that goodwill. Doing it via YouDecide comes with its own unique set of advantages. Employees and members see the highly visible YouDecide platform as a cost-effective benefit. It’s secure. It’s user-friendly. It’s a great educational tool. Services are obtainable through direct bill, electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit cards, and our "single slot" payroll deduction solution.

Punctuating those pluses is the reality that YouDecide reduces the administrative time and costs associated with making voluntary benefits and discount programs available. How? There is one source handling all the work. Just as there is no charge to the individual to use YouDecide, there is no charge to the company to provide YouDecide.

If you would like to schedule a web demonstration to see our unique solution in action, please submit a demonstration request.